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The Lord works through us all. Cowboy Christian Connection enjoys your feedback and testimonies. We would like to share with you what people are experiencing in relation to Cowboy Christian Connection. It is truly God’s Divine Will at work.

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From Rob Weightman

Elk Point, South Dakota

“Hello – Just wanted to say thanks for offering an alternative to the usual Vegas “atmosphere”. I was only in town for the final round of the NFR, so I could only stop by for the last night of Rockin the Rodeo. Great music by some very talented performers! This was my first chance to get to the NFR, and I hope to come again, hope you will be there again too. Once again, thanks.”

From Patti Davis

(Patti joined Cowboy Christian Connection in Las Vegas for the 2010 NFR and spoke to audiences; she also led “Morning Devotionals” and participated in The Cowboys Kickin’ Cancer Luncheon.)

Be Ready To Have God Interrupt Your Day!

“I felt impressed to change my walking pattern that particular Friday morning and take a different pathway. This sidewalk brought me upon a group of energetic ladies. As I tried to pass by, one of the ladies stepped out of the crowd to ask me a question. They were all looking for the location of their meeting room and were hoping I knew. Unfortunately I had no idea where they were to go and directed them to the front desk for help. Just as I started to step back and continue on with my walk, the same lady noticed the Bible I had in my arms and asked me if I would pray with her. Right then and there I let God interrupt my day.

Her name was Fran and she had traveled from out of town to attend an intensive three day workshop. The workshops were designed for families of trouble teens, families with a history of dysfunctional behaviors. I was registered at this same hotel for Cowboy Christian Connection, while she came for a course in secular recovery strategies. She wanted prayer for herself, she knew she was about to take a journey into the middle of her broken life. Fran told me that she just celebrated ten years of sobriety. I prayed for her and we were instantly bonded through our “Mother hearts.” We exchanged cell phone numbers and she was encouraged to call me at any time she felt overwhelmed or discouraged over the next three days. She graduated from the recovery weekend on Sunday night, I was proud to be at the ceremony.

As I mentioned, I was at the hotel with Cowboy Christian Connection, as one of their devotional speakers, I invited Fran to come to the Monday morning session and she was excited to attend. I watched God cover her raw spirit with fresh revelation and pure encouragement as we spoke about God’s amazing ability to deliver a family with a past and give them a bright future. God had covered the raw wound in her heart with a fresh layer of hope. Fran had the confidence once again to ask for prayer, this time it was for a family member.

Her step-daughter was pregnant and the baby was due in the next week. But, the baby was facing challenges before it even came out from the womb. The doctors had informed this young mother that her little boy had one of the worst cases of Spina Bifida they had ever recorded. It’s a birth defect that involves the development of the spinal cord and its coverings. The meninges push through a hole in the child’s back, and the spinal cord also pushes through leaving it exposed. She was encouraged to abort this little life because of the hardship it would bring to the child and the parents. This amazing mother chose life and whatever the outcome would be. Now we were being asked to pray for a healing.

I felt impressed to pray for “new skin to grow and cover the spine”, “God, you parted the Red Sea with such ease, it would be nothing for you to run your finger down this little spin and cover the open places!” I asked this according to His will for this life He’d created. Then we prayed for continued courage for the young mother as she faced a life as caregiver for her son. Fran and I hugged; she had to get ready for her return flight home that afternoon. That was on a Monday, now it’s Saturday and I get a call from Fran. They’re on the way to the hospital, and it’s time for the baby to come!

The doctors had scheduled her step-daughter for a C-section that morning. A pediatric team, with a surgeon, was standing by to take the little boy immediately into surgery to close the hole in back and save as much spinal function as possible. It could be an eight hour surgery! Again, we asked God for His will on the outcome of that day’s events. Fran would call me that evening with the results. Her call came in about 7:00pm and she had had an emotional day; a totally awesome, energizing, emotional day. The baby came and God had indeed run His finger down that little spin and covered the open places!! No hole no exposed spinal cord and no side effects . . . a total miracle for all to witness. The surgeon and his team were dismissed. The hospital staff and family were now celebrating the amazing gift of life.

It was a privilege to watch God work in this family’s life. It started with a broken step-mother coming to stay in the same hotel Cowboy Christian Connection was booked into, my day being interrupted by her request, and the powerful prayers for restoration for her family. I have a strong feeling that this little boy will serve as a precious reminder of how a God in the present can restore us from our past giving us a bright future.”